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Oars and Alps

Oars + Alps - Hydrating Antioxidant SPF 50 Spray

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Our SPF 50 Spray with Vitamin C strengthens, hydrates and brightens your skin while protecting you from harmful UV rays.

This light, non-greasy formula combines water and sweat-resistant Broad Spectrum SPF 50 with powerful antioxidants from Vitamin C and Alpine Caribou Moss™ to boost your skin's defense against the effects of sun. To keep your skin hydrated, we add moisturizing Olive Leaf Extract and include less alcohol than a traditional SPF spray.

Lightly fragranced in our Summer Splash scent, a refreshing blend of amber, bamboo and coconut water.

Size: 6 oz. recyclable, non-aerosol can

Note: As this can contains compressed air, it ships via Ground Shipping.