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Oars and Alps

Oars + Alps Natural Deo for Sensitive Skin - Mandarin Woods

Oars + Alps Natural Deo for Sensitive Skin - Mandarin Woods

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Named by Men's Health as Editor's Choice, it goes on clear and non-sticky, dries quickly and won't leave pit stains on your light shirts. It's a game changer.

A POWERFUL DEODORANT THAT ACTUALLY WORKS: Oars + Alps incredibly effective odor-preventing formula goes way beyond being aluminum-free. With tons of awards and thousands of raving fans, they’ve set a new bar for what you should expect from a natural deodorant.

GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: The Mandarin Woods fragrance is made with allergen-free ingredients which makes it gentle on sensitive skin. Plus unlike many natural deodorants, it is free of baking soda which can cause redness.

GOES ON CLEAR + WON’T CAUSE PIT STAINS: Unlike most natural deodorants, this goes on clear so you won’t get white marks on clothes. It’s non-sticky and dries quickly. No aluminum means no more dark or yellow pit stains on your shirts. 

MANDARIN WOODS SCENT: The scents are clean and fresh, not overbearing. Mandarin Woods is a sophisticated blend of mandarin zest, dry cedar and red currant.

PREMIUM, GOOD-FOR-YOU INGREDIENTS: Thoughtfully curated each ingredient to keep you dry and smelling fresh. They’re vegan, animal cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested. Never use aluminum, alcohol, parabens, phthalates or talc.

 Size: 2.6 fl. oz.

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