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Meridian Grooming

Meridian - The Spray

Meridian - The Spray

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Say bye to odor and skin irritation!

The Spray is specially formulated to neutralize odor and irritation down there. Made with natural ingredients and infused with a citrus scent, A feeling so fresh you may not be able to control your smile.  The Spray helps relieve inflammation and prevents redness, soothes the skin, and helps provide increased skin hydration fro maximum comfort.

Key ingredients:

Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract - Naturally derived anti-odor and anti-chafing agent.
- Witch Hazel - Relieves inflammation & irritation associated with chafing.
- Green Tea leaf Extract - An Anti-inflammatory agent to prevent redness.
- Gingko Biloba Nut Extract - Potent antioxidant that provides skin soothing effects and increased skin hydration.

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